Wednesday, June 16, 2004

"Serial blog murder"

Blogging pioneer Dave Winer suddenly closed his free blog-hosting service, , a couple of days ago. Some bloggers got upset when denied access to their blogs, others took the news more calmly.

Sometimes I've questioned the idea of keeping one's research memos, collection of links etc on a free blog-hosting service, like I do. Can I expect any guarantees that my blog won't be shut down? And what if it is, how will I feel about it?

Naturally, this is not the only place where I store my thoughts and links to papers etc, still I think I'd better update the back up of the content in this blog, just in case...

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mobileZ said...

Remember to take backups (cd-rom) of your backups (documents on hard disk). And old backups should be "refreshed", shifting from old format and media to new ones.