Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Addicted to computers?

Therese lists three things that might indicate too heavy usage of computers and she hopes for some computer free time.

Unintentionally, my house has been computer free these last four, five days. Last Friday, we were too fed up with the noise the fan in our computer made so we decided to get a new, better one. And after the installation of the fan, it was quiet alright. Nothing happened. Absolutely nothing. So, we rushed to a computer pundit, pleading for a quick antidote.

I was sure I wouldn’t survive the weekend without my combined radio-tv-newspaper- calender-archive. But I did, brilliantly. I don’t miss it all that much. I check my e-mail and read the latest news headlines at work, that’s enough. And this morning, I was told that my computer is cured and I can pick it up. It is late afternoon now and I still haven’t. I figure I’ll go tomorrow, and catch a movie tonight instead. The book, Girl with a Pearl Earring, was quite ok so I’m eager to see the cinema version of the story.

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