Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Blog struggle

One can find interesting stuff at the bottom of one's drawer. Last night, I found an article I wrote last summer, while working as a news reporter at the local newspaper. It's about a blogger and his three different blogs in three languages. I can't help smiling when reading as the birth of the article comes to mind. I had been trying to evoke an interest in blogging as a news worthy topic amongst my colleagues for quite some time. Some agreed with me that it was something worth writing about, but my idea never made it to the top priority-list. But one day, in the midst of August, I managed to get an interview with this blogger and the editors didn't decline. I was thrilled to bits, and he seemed pleased too.

The blogger, Panu Petteri Höglund, states in the interview: "The weblogs cannot replace newspapers but I can well imagine that they will become an important channel for recruiting journalists and columnists. There will probably be a vivid collaboration between the weblogs and the newspapers. The boundaries between them are becoming less fixed.".

More on the collaboration between these two actors here.

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