Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cultural WoW

I noticed that Jill Walker has a chapter (perhaps several?) on WoW in a new book on role-playing and games. I should get my hands on that publication although I'm quite text stressed now. Too much interesting to read in too little time. (I'm struck by another fatigue as well, the "No! Not another season-fatigue! I want my favorite TV-series to tell their story in only a few seasons. It's naive, I know, and I foolishly believed that the enigma of Life on Mars would be solved in 8 episodes. Stupid me! I was not thrilled when I found out I "had to" follow another season of it.)

She also blogs on the multitude of references to culture, music and other media in WoW. For example, you can buy a Hanzo sword for your character and if you're familiar with the Kill Bill movies, you'll recognize the item. It's a great surprise when accepting a quest with references to Bob Dylan for instance. It's an Easter Egg, making you smile. Speaking of items, I did the Deadmines with my Draenei character last Sunday and there, I got myself a truly dreadful weapon... a rolling pin! Watch out!

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