Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hip knitting

I read in a magazine lately that according to a Swedish trend guru (his name simply slipped my mind as it was so ordinary. I believe it was Jonas Karlsson) it's ultra hip to 1) favor tea over coffee, especially latte, 2) stay at home in the living room couch instead of hanging at the local wine bar, not keeping the telly company but to... 3) craft your own clothes, bags etc. Especially crocheting and knitting is in. I just had to give up a huge laugh when reading about this trend, as this is what I've done for ages. It made me feel somehow exposed to exoticism. It's like when people from the other side of the globe visit your home or local neighborhood and they go all "Wow, this is fantastic, how truly beautiful and exotic!" and they are mesmerized by ordinary things, like a cheese slicer, and you simply can't grasp the extraordinary element of it as you see it every day. The photo to the right here is a proof that my couch is my castle and the knitting needle is my weapon. Last night, we were invited to a birthday party. A couple of hours before, I realized I didn't have a greeting card. So I headed for the couch with a ball of yarn, et voilĂ , I crocheted a pink peony, glued it to a card and "happy birthday!".

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