Monday, February 05, 2007

Individual or collective net action?

In the Davos07 aftermath, Jeff Jarvis ponders the elements and power of the net in a blog post. He concludes that a "Society 2.1", where people come together online, is at the horizon rather than a "Web 3.0" which is all about individual action online and nicely handing over UGC material to others.


Yenayer said...

I read somewhere that the blog audience is not progressing and that less and less bloggers are updating their blogs. And the most interesting (and depressing at the same time) news is that the audience of the blogs of the established newspaper has increased three times..

Paeonia said...

That's interesting bits of news! It hits me, is there any studies on what kind of blogs the audience appreciates? I know of many studies revealing why bloggers write on-line, the "what's in it for me" angle, but what do we know of the audience (especially the readers who rarely comment), their needs and motives for reading blogs?