Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Une carte des bloggers parisiens

I like this idea, it's a map of bloggers in the city of Paris. 144 bloggers are listed so far. Apparently, it's a betting to see whether the Parisians can come up to the New Yorkers and their site where 3546 bloggers are listed.

And by the way, la France, joyeuse fĂȘte nationale!

[Via Douze lunes]


Anonymous said...

I see that you speak french .. I was wondering, the "Kent" listed in your profile is the french singer ?
I like your blog by the way .. I will be wandering around quite often


Paeonia said...

Salut Yassine!
No, Kent is a Swedish rockband, singing in Swedish. They've released two of their albums in English as well, but the English versions don't really get me going. The Swedish lyrics however are truly outstanding!

Check out their website at (English resume available).