Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Finland scores high on education

While wandering about at Newsweek's site, I found an interesting piece of news. If you want to get a good education, Finland's the place you want to be in. The reasons for this are
  1. a high quality of teaching
  2. the teachers' possibility to choose what material they want to use in their teaching
  3. Finnish students don't pay for their education. In fact, university and polytechnics students receive a grant of about 400 euros per month from the state for living expences.

As a consequence, many (about 65 percent, says Liat Radcliffe in Newsweek) Finns go to either universities or polytechnics. The article didn't however mention that many educated Finns with a Master's degree move abroad, taking their expertice knowledge and tax money out of the country. Some fear that this "brain drain" will increase in the future.

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