Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Women's studies

I was at the book store today and while waiting for my order, I skimmed through the textbooks for the senior high school. I noticed that the textbook of philosophy of (or is it "outlook on" life? My English fails here) life had a chapter on women's rights.

The discovery made me glad as I can't remember that the books I read in sixth form had any such topics.

One could question the need for women's studies in such a equal country such as Finland, but it is needed. This advertising campaign, for example, that's all around town now (see picture). I don't like it. It's a tv channel promoting the new series Nip/tuck, a series about two Miami South Beach plastic surgeons and their lives. But still. Why not just use a photo of the two guys starring the show? As it is now, I get the impression that this body needs some fixing by a plastic surgeon.

And internationally, German discount house Lidl has forced Polish and Czech female employees to wear red headband during their menstruation periods. Why? The workers are allowed to go to the toilets only on scheduled breaks. But women having their period are however, generously enough, allowed to go without asking for special permission and the red headband helps the supervisor to identify who's allowed to go, and who's not.

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