Thursday, September 23, 2004

Looks like I've missed The political satire tv show

The same seminar, called “The voices of politics in public”, also included the tv-producer Olli Haikka. He’s one of the guys behind Itse valtiaat, an animated political satire tv show. I didn’t take notes here but he also concluded that today, media is more about entertainment, sensations and persons than before.

While listening to him, I realized that I must be the worst consumer society-citizen ever. The show is extremely popular (it airs prime time, Saturday night). According to Haikka, it has about 700 000 viewers every week (a lot in a country of Finland’s size) and the production team is making another movie about the characters, that are Finnish politics, when they were small kids. And I’ve never seen one single episode! Not one. I stick to the Simpsons instead and I like it that way.

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