Friday, September 03, 2004

Naive bloggers?

I've blogged this before, in the form of teenagers not always fully realizing the consequences of what they post on the net. Today I found an interesting site on the matter, but this deals with grown-ups, not teenagers. Fernanda Viégas, a PhD candidate at the MIT Media Lab, conducted a survey on blogging and she found a naiveté in how most bloggers think about persistence and how it operates in networked environments such as the net. The bloggers responding to the survey believe in general that they are liable for what they publish online. They were not however concerned about the persistent nature of what they publish, and neither did they believe someone would sue them for things they had blogged. This surprises me, as the bloggers in the study say they've gotten in trouble both with friends and family as well as employers because of their postings.


Yenayer said...

Hope you're doing fine ..

Paeonia said...

Yep, I'm fine, just working my ass off at work. Thanks for the thought though!