Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Off to ISEA Helsinki conference

I'm off to the great, big capital tomorrow morning, to attend the Helsinki conference of ISEA. Even Westwang's blogging the conference that's currently taking place on board the Silja Europa cruiser ferry (I would love to be there, of course for the programme but also as it would have been a nice contrast to my memories I have from diverse drinking and partying trips I've done in my youth on the ship).

Jill Walker is also blogging from the cruiser ferry. I'm really looking forward to her presentation on timestamps on Friday morning, and to my great delight, I found the abstract on her site. I won't be blogging the events the next few days, but I will contribute with a résumé and thoughts next week.


Matt Stahl said...

Interesting blog...your study sounds interesting. Also, you're pretty cute...saying that in a non-patronizing manner, of course.

Yenayer said...

Nice to see you back... but you're already gone ;)

Can I make a suggestion ?
You should try the Haloscan commenting service. It's very easy to install. All automated , you have only to follow the steps.

Paeonia said...

Hi Yassine,

yes I've tried to install it, but I can't activate it without deleting all of the comments made already in this blog at the same time. I still haven't figured how to get around this problem, as I don't want to lose the comments.

Tu as de bons conseils à me donner?

Yenayer said...

Hi Paeonia

I think that you have to repost all the comments yourself one by one .. Be sure to save them first and save the informations about the authors..
You can do it at your pace :)

By the way... does Paeonia mean something ? I find it beautiful :)

Paeonia said...

Paeonia is the latin word for the perennials commonly called Peony in English. I totally love their flowers, especially this one; Dr Alexander.