Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Job therapy

Since I'm tired of eating macaroni, I applied for an extra job; a couple of hours of data storing at a tele company every night until September-November. Well, after a first sorting out of the record high number of applicants, the headhunter called me in for an interview today. But this wasn't enough. Now, she will analyse the interviewees, recommend a few to the tele company, which will do further interviewing next week. What circumstantial and difficult to get a part-time, evening job for two months, that was furthermore labeled "urgent"! What happened to those days when you called a company up, said "hey, I'm interested in your activities, and you can't do without me" and they'd take you on if you dressed decently and promised to show up on time? This is how I got most of my summer jobs, actually all of them when I think about it. All this bureaucracy surprised me and I wonder, is it necessary for part-time evening jobs like this one? But of course, this procedure employes people. But still.

I'm probably not gonna get the job if the headhunter reads this, but it's ok. My former boss at the local newspaper called me and begged me to come and work for them in September. I agreed, so shortly, I'll be blogging as a journalist.

After the interview today I figured I needed some light entertainment, thus voilĂ :

What kind of social software are you? [via Anti-mega]

what kind of social software are you?

And what are you addicted to? [via Schizoblog]

You're addicted to.....

Mmmmmmm, Mmmmmm, Bitch! I like you, alcohol is one of the better things to be addicted to. The only bad part is it makes you feel like doing nothing and the next morning you get a terrible hangover.

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