Friday, May 28, 2004

Responsability and consequences

Instead of getting a good night's sleep last night, I decided to watch Enter the dragon, a martial arts movie by Bruce Lee, dated 1973.

One of the Shaolin monks said that the 13th command of the temple members is to take responsability for your actions and accept the consequences thereof. This took on a new meaning today, as I attended - for the first time ever - a disputation. A friend of mine defended her doctor's thesis. Her work was scrutinized, from choise of methods and theories (which is as it ought to be) to frequency of colon and inverted commas. There was not one aspect of the work that the opponent overlooked. My friend was sweating for over two hours, obliged to defend her choise of this and that, and justify her text and even phonemes. There wasn't however any real discussion between her and the opponent, as she elegantly explained her choices and referred to other scholars claiming almost the same thing. The opponent didn't really pursue his arguments more than a couple of times. Since I don't have anything to refer to, I'm not sure if that's all there is to it. Perhaps. But I would have enjoyed some more discussion on the topic.

Anyhows, she did great and she got her hat.

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