Monday, May 31, 2004

Gender similarities in blog use

David Huffaker examines the online identity and language among blogging teenagers in his M.A. thesis. The conclusion is: "Contrary to prediction, the results indicate that there are more gender similarities than differences in blog use." Although I generally oppose to categories of "female" and "male" use of and ways of doing things, I enjoyed reading Huffaker's study.

This weekend, I re-read and checked the spelling in my Master's thesis, as it's about to be published. Again, my findings on gendered differences in the mere use of e-communications amongst the students I studied surprised me. The women were far less active ICT users than men. I didn't quite expect such a strong correlation between gender and use of ICT:s.

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Therese said...

Will you post your MA thesis here in your blog? From what I can tell by the summary (good thing I know Swedish :), it looks like you've got some quite interesting findings. Not least for a comparison of the situation in the Nordic countries.

Paeonia said...

It's on my "To do-list", hopefully I'll put it up soon.