Thursday, November 23, 2006

Think for yourself

It is often said that most users don't want to think when they're online. Whenever it's possible, they should be aided in appropriate ways, like when Google suggests phrases in your search. Naturally, I'm the exception. Among the first things I did when I got a new phone was to switch off the function where a dictionary suggests words based on the first syllables when I'm composing an sms. Neither am I a fan of my car's rain sensor nor the auto correction feature of Word. But at times, it's quite fun to have the program think for you, like I did today when spell checking an activity report I'm writing. Instead of EuroITV, Word suggests Erotic and Neurotic. Hmm, maybe not.


Suffeli said...

Yep - in Swedish, the T9-system on my Nokia 6630 readily suggests "hora", "knark" and all the teams in last years Champions League, but "martyr" and "förlåtelse" can't be found... :)

Paeonia said...

Well, we're said to live in an Entertainment Age, maybe there's the proof of that :)