Sunday, October 29, 2006

A tale of a perfect Sunday morning

I enjoyed a cup of coffee while browsing through the morning paper, being content that I wasn’t feeling all that hang overy. I decided to listen to this week’s pod casts I subscribe to, starting with the science news by the Swedish Radio P1. A very daring adventure an early Sunday morning, I know. While listening to the part on the recent discovery of the female gene (a “male gene”, or the sry-gene carried by most men, has already been identified and now, a group of researchers have found one gene determining the female sex) bright light hit my eyes. A pale, late-October sun rose above the roofs. Finally, after this weekend’s blizzard! I decided to grab my camera and have a walk (actually flopping around is more accurate due to the snowdrifts) in the forest to wake myself up and get some air. The serenity in the midst of the woods was incredible; it was just me, snow crystals and rays of sun light. Hard to top a morning like that!

Friday's blizzard left its mark.

It's such a shame I didn't get around to collecting any rowanberries this year. It's a Christmas tradition I have, to do a bit of alchemy in early October and voilà, you have a nice bottle of rowanberry liqueur at Christmas Eve. Sadly, it's too late for it now.

I went through the kids' play ground on my way home. They thoroughly appreciated the snow and chill, laughing in their sledges. I guess the birds of passage above us didn't quite agree.

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