Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Brain mono track

The Logitech keyboard I use at home simply gave up on me last night, as did the Microsoft one at work today. My primary reaction in both cases, when realizing none of the letters I typed actually appeared on the screen, was violence. I hammered the buttons harder and harder and now afterwards, I wonder why. It's not like the keyboard will start working thanks to my hammering it. If it's broken, it's broken. I wonder if this is a human basic instinct, I've watched people get a remote control without batteries in their hands. When they realize nothing happens, they shake it hard, hammer the buttons and slam it against the couch. With no success obviously.

Another indication of the mysterious ways the human minds works in: I got a mind game gadget last weekend. A ring was hanging in the midst of a tangle of iron and my job was to get it out. Naturally, the easy, obvious way to go about didn't cut it so I had to figure out more options to get it out. Which I did, it's just that when I'd tried them all, my brain shut down. If I took a break and tried to solve it a while later, it simply repeated the non-solutions I'd tried earlier. Nothing new came out, my brain was stuck in reverse, repeating the same old options to get the ring out. Scary. The ability to think of something new didn't exist. Sometimes, I see people doing this in life as well. People repeating the same actions all over again although they're clearly not a good solution. Oh, about the ring, I did get it separated from the iron web, after a good long walk outside.

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