Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Social networking has taken off

Over 40 % of adults with internet access have used social networking websites, such as MySpace. The number for the 16-24 year olds is higher, 70%, with over half in this age group using them at least weekly. This according to Ofcom:s research. Seeing that close to every other adult use sites like these reminds me of something which annoyed me a while ago. I saw MySpace being referred to as a networking site for teenagers, can't remember where though. I'm registered there and so are many many more, not so young teenagers. I don't really think only teenagers appreciate the service. Also, the study suggests, the reason for using social networking websites are discussing hobbies and interests (one third of the respondents) and work-related topics (26 %). Only 15 % say the reason is meeting new people, which I find a bit surprising. Could the question perhaps been posed as "The main reason"?[via Media @ LSE Group Weblog]

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