Monday, August 14, 2006

WoW addiction

Dr. Maressa Orzack is interviewed on computer game addiction on She estimates that about 40 % of all WoW-players are addicted to the game and she hopes that we would name the addiction for what it really is, a mental disorder. When I find some time, I'll google her research, I'm interested in her definition of heavy use of MMORPG's. I wonder what category I'd fit into, probably a heavy user (of WoW, the photo is my 22 lvl mage fishing). Meanwhile, I really enjoyed reading the posts and comments on the article where many WoW-players ponder when a hobby is merely a hobby and when is it an addiction? Can you compare lying on the couch watching TV a whole evening to playing a computer game all night? And who's responsability is it that some players devote most of their awake hours to gaming, perhaps making the studies or/and work suffer? [via WoW Insider]

Here's btw a link to the Smith & Jones Center in Amsterdam that offers treatment for alcoholists as well as heavy gamers. I read a story about the guy who started this centre in Le Figaro I think it was last July.

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