Saturday, August 26, 2006

Blog ad clicks

Hans Kullin, the writer behind the blog Media Culpa, recently conducted a survey on 700 Swedish bloggers and blog readers, for the second year in a row now. The questionnaire was online and he encouraged bloggers to fill it out by blogging about it himself and asking other bloggers to link to it as well. He concludes that the typical blogger in his study is a 26-30 year old female holding an academic degree, who loves to write and blogs every day. The typical blogger is anonymous and reads about 6-10 blogs a day, spending in average 6-10 hours a week reading other blogs. What thrills the average blogger in Kullin’s study is reading ordinary folks’ opinions and life stories.

What interests me in his findings is that the average blogger has never clicked on an ad on a blog. The majority of the ones claiming they have decided to take a closer look on the ads is men. In total though, a third of the participants in the survey claim to have done so. I thought the figure would be much smaller; I’m a bit surprised at this! Men are also more prone than women to host ads on their blog.

Another juicy nut is that women blog anonymously (68,2 %) whereas men don’t (29,6 %). All in all, 55 % of American bloggers blog without revealing their real name and identity, according to the Pew Institute report released in July this year. There’s no data on gender and anonymity there though.

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