Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mission impossible: paper cutting

I'm struggling with what I'd like to call an impossible task. I need to cut a paper I wrote and presented from 7619 words to a neat sum of 5000, cuz it's getting published. I really loathe the process as, although I'm great at mass producing floods of text sometimes containing drivel, it's mostly content that I feel is necessary and that plays a role in the context. My method is to shorten paragraphs and say what I want to say in shorter, more substantial sentences. But I can't help but feeling that the rythm is lost this way. The hand guiding the reader through the paper, which I feel is crucial in a read worthy text, is somehow getting lost when the not-so-facty phrases are removed. Perhaps I should write the different parts on a dice, throw it and simply erase the fateful part on the side turning up ;)

Bonus of the day: 3 days til my first full-length, fully paid 4 week vacation!

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