Wednesday, June 21, 2006

florae blues

I'm conducting usability tests for clients at work now and the thought of doing a test on this blog has been spinning in my mind for a good while. About a week ago, I realized that doing an eye tracking study, which I regularly do at work, on this Paeonia blog would be interesting as, apparently, I'm not expressing the corner pillars or the identity if you will of the blog clearly enough. This insight hit me when I was sent a review of my blog, made by a student. It turnes out that the reason of the name Paeonia is not clear enough, the link between the name and my passion for flowers and then in particular peonies is not evident enough.

And consequently, like some people start devoting lots of attention to their beloved when the date of Valentine's Day or the Wedding anniversary is approaching as a way of making up the downturns since last anniversary of Valentine's, I think to myself that I'll relieve my conscience by posting an all-flowery post. And this guzzling in florae photos is not just a making up-gesture but also an hommage to the stunningly beautiful nature outside my window. It's mid June and the nuances of green is about as saturated as you can possibly want them to be. Enough babbling, I activated my Flickr account again and here's a selection of photos to ilghten up the academic twist on this site. (Hmm, I also noticed I haven't blogged my handicraft craze either in a while, therefore the photo at the top. It's illustrating 5 pillows I sewed earlier this week for potential hangovery guests this weekend).

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