Saturday, March 04, 2006

fate uncovered

A friend stated yesterday that blogs, due to the grand explosion of the number of Finnish bloggers and the hype around them, have become an epidemic. I’m sure many feel that way in Finland now. My own interest in blogs though, both as a phenomenon and news/entertainment source, has been worn and torn for a while now. I rarely browse around hunting for new bloggers with fresh, piquant views on matters. I stick to the ones I’m used to and occasionally check out their blogrolls.

My ability for enthusiasm isn’t completely crushed though. I’ve joined the hype of mastering one’s fate. Many friends have recently undergone a test where the probable date for their death is calculated and with a fascinated air asked if I’ve done the same? As I’m currently dwelling on the couch with a sore throat on a perfectly beautiful as today, I figured I’d give in to my hesitation and uncover my fate. It turns out that, given that I don’t change my living and consumption habits, I’ll live until the year of 2065. By then, I’ll be a hardy lady of 86 years old. I’m not sure whether I’m happy and relieved about the fact that I due to healthy life style have a big bundle of years ahead of me, free to fill with things of my choice, or worried as this probably implies that I’m not taking risks in my life, and probably not being all that adventurous and spontaneous as I thought I am. Hmm…

The test is here, it’s in Finnish, provided by Helsingin Sanomat, the leading national daily in Finland.

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