Thursday, February 02, 2006

Photo associations

Thanks to an observant reader of my blog, pointing to broken links in my blog roll, I’ve spent the evening weeding out links and updating the blog. I rarely use these links myself as I subscribe to the blogs’ rss-feeds so I hereby send a thank you-nod to my helpful reader.

When sorting through the links, I eventually reached the photography site of Esa Wendelin. It’s been a while since I had a look at his wonderful photos so I decided to offer my eyes some visual sweets. And what do I find? He’s chosen one of the dearest places in my heart as the front cover of his 2006 calendar! To all of a sudden be confronted with the beautiful, illuminated dock of the small river of Åbo genuinely made me happy, as it holds an infinite number of memories. I’ve done many interviews there, on the river side, while working as a journalist; the river has defined my city identity as to by which side of it I live and I’ve strolled there at all times of the day in various sets of moods. One of the saddest phone calls I’ve ever received was by the bridge you can see in the picture. The artillery of meanings, associations and significance a single picture can hold never ceases to surprise me.

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