Monday, October 25, 2004

Mobility and election

Yesterday's local government election felt strange. I voted in advance and at that time, I was registred in the municipality where I was brought up. I knew some of the candidates and I was somewhat excited about it. But when the results came in, I was most interested in seeing who got elected in the city I've lived and worked in the last six, seven years. But none of these will decide on my future, but yet another crowd of delegates in the town I live and am registered in nowadays. And I don't have a clue who they are! Mobility is difficult sometimes...

About the outcome: voting percentage in the whole nation was 58.6, compared with 55,9 % four years ago. And yes, my candidate got elected! Image, a young, dedicated women amongst the old buffers in the local government council room. Great!

(Updates on the election here, only in Swedish and Finnish though)

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Anonymous said...

About elections,

Starting on Monday students at Åbo Akademi University have the ability to vote electronically in the upcoming student council election. The actual election takes place 9-10 November. This is the second time that students at ÅA have the opportunity to vote electronically in advance. The actual voting is done by visiting a web page with your browser and type in your username and password.

My hope is that in the future we as voters will have the ability to vote electronically in more elections, I feel that this might be one way to increase the voting percentage and by doing that also increasing democracy. For is it democracy when only 50 % of those who are entitled to vote actually use their rights, or is it the other 50 % ‘s democracy?

In yesterdays news I also read that a professor in political science suggested that voting should be made a duty instead of the model where voting is a right. I doubt if this is the right way to go (although it is used in several other countries), but I feel something has to be done. The same professor also suggests the use of a carrot, e.g. every one who have voted would be given a ticket to the cinema. Could this do the trick?