Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Blogs as a response to the media

I was interviewed by e-mail by a journalist in San Francisco the other day, the topic was PhD-students blogging their thesis. As I have a background as a journalist, and as I've been in the interviewees role only twice in my entire life now, I'm looking forward to see the article and how the journalist cites me out of my e-mail responses. For example, how much emotions can you detect in an e-mail? Can you detect that I wish to emphasize this or that, or that I strongly oppose to this and that, if I don't write it out in plain text?

More on this topic in this week's Glaser online, where Mark Glaser talks to billionaire technology entrepreneur and owner of NBA's Dallas Mavericks basketball team, Mark Cuban. Cuban was interviewed via e-mail by a sports columnist at Dallas Morning News. Cuban felt however that the columnist got the facts all wrong so he decided to post the e-mail of the journalist and what he'd answered in his blog. That way, his readers could see for themselves what he'd really said and compare it with the column in the news paper.


Yenayer said...

I'm looking forward to read the article too.. :-)
And what Cuban did is great.

Ton said...

Hi Susanne,

Just saw in the wiki that you will be attending BlogWalk in Umea. Great! Looking forward to meeting you there.

Ton Zijlstra
Interdependent Thoughts

Paeonia said...

Hi Ton!

Yes, I realised that I can join you in UmeƄ after all. I hesitated at first since I've started a new job this week. I wasn't sure if I'd get two days off just like that. But after only four days, I have 21 hours of overtime work! Therefore, the problem is solved so I'll see you there!