Thursday, April 05, 2007

Marge's view on the fate of Grad students

I watched another episode of the Simpsons again last night and this time, Marge was the one to serve words of wisdom one can't do without. Bart holds a pony tail up to the back of his head saying "Look at me! I’m a Grad student and I made $600 last year." whereas Marge scolds him saying "Don’t make fun of Grad students Bart. They just made a bad life choice." Absolutely brilliant!


Anonymous said...

I just love Simpsions, But i never can watch it because I'm playing my Nintendo Wii! I'm playing my Nintendo Wii right now!

Paeonia said...

"Everything in moderation (even with WoW" as they say in WoW. It's good that when you play Wii, you get an image of an open window and a suggestion to stretch your legs and get some fresh air every 15 minutes. But I have to admit, I did devote an hour or so to Wii last night :)