Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Have your say on three pilots on science

Here’s an interesting interactive project involving the TV audience as content experts. PBS, a public broadcaster in the US, is asking the viewers for help in deciding which of three TV pilots – “Wired Science”, “Science investigators” and “22nd Century” - will become a regular science series on the channel. You can watch the three pilots free of charge at the PBS website and then comment on them. Based on audience research and on the feedback of the viewers, PBS then decides which pilot makes it into a series.


Anonymous said...

I like the 22nd Century show the best. Most original, I guess.

Paeonia said...

Judging from the clip online, it is original, yes. I'd definitely look up from my newspaper or book accompanying me in the TV couch. Wired's pilot however does not succeed in being original, which is a shame. Perhaps the great reputation Wired has raised my expectation too much, I am a bit disappointed in their pilot. The presentation of the hosts in the beginning makes me think of a "candid camera" show. Not good. I liked the Science Investigators too as the starting point of the show was a question posed by a viewer.