Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I did make it to the V&A Museum in London last week. It was a thrill, I spent most of the time at the exhibition of da Vinci's notebooks. I love it how he used mirror-writing, due to lefthandedness. It was a real challenge reading his notes, especially as he didn't exactly waste any paper, the words were close to one another. I guess it's a lazy but yet very effective way to learn things, to watch the movie or go to an exhibition instead of reading the book. I did it with Mahatma Gandhi and now with da Vinci. I read about half way through a biography on da Vinci, but after realizing it was more beneficial for my sleep than for my curious mind, I threw it out and decided to go to the museum instead. Which worked just fine, I didn't for instance know da Vinci studied the anatomy of the tongue when we produce sounds and that he was a gifted musician. Luckily enough, I had time to visit the exhibition on fashion as well. There was one section devoted entirely to 60's UK fashion, fabulous! I totally love skirts and dresses. Having said that, I regret to say that though I spent one afternoon hunting for skirts and dresses, I bought none. Not a single one. The problem was that they were all too expensive considering a couple of buttons and seams were hanging loosely. A friend questioned my sanity, going to London without bunkering up clothes, like squirrels! But I've never been into consumerism of that sort. I've sewed skirts of old table cloths and curtains because I absolutely adored the fabric. I re-use my mothers dresses from the 70's and buy second hand. I avoid to all cost the Christmas season rush in the stores because I get totally stressed out watching how people run around buying - in my view - unnecessary things. The joy of small funny plastic toys is particularly ambiguous to me. It seems that this sort of recycling in clothes has reached many others. I watched the ball at the President's castle on the telly last night. Apparently, President Tarja Halonen's black dress, which was very beautiful, was the same one as she wore a couple of years back, only a bit moderated this year.

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