Monday, July 17, 2006

Happiness in schools

Also belonging to the present summer’s pile of books to plough through is a book called Börja tala, Start talking. It’s on the art of rhetoric, on the stage fright many suffer from and on why Nordic speakers are know for being dull and non-engaging speakers. Such an essential book! Last weekend, me and some friends pondered why happiness isn’t part on the school schedule. I mean, Aristotle stated some 2300 years ago that what most individuals seek in their lives is happiness. Most actions strive to increase a feeling of being happy. Today, this is no less the case, on the contrary. So as all seem to agree that being happy is good, and worthy some effort, then why don’t we teach our kids how to try to find out what happiness means to them and how to obtain it? And why isn’t happiness part of any state program? I’d say the same about rhetoric, teach kids the art of storytelling, of capturing an audience in any purpose, may it then concern selling a product, to entertain or convey academic results. I wish I had had loads more training in this area when I went to school!

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