Monday, May 29, 2006

Are cameras literate?

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about my latest purchase, a new shining ixus camera for travelling. But by mistake I accidently deleted the blog post, where I praised this little handy gadget, almost instantly. I never bothered to rewrite it though as the content of the post wasn't exactly earth shaking and revolutionary news. Well, as I got out of the airport in Athens last week I spotted an amazing long line of yellow cabs, as far as you could see. And when I grabbed my ixus, it was stone dead, refusing to co-operate in any way. Not one ray of hope. For a photo geek like myself, it's tough being on the move without a camera! I figure it might be a revenge for removing the blog post. So I took it back to the store tonight and off it is now for service. Meanwhile, I'm glad there's a site such as flickr. David Geerts at the Centre for Usability Research in Leuven uploaded his photos of Athens, I'll enjoy them instead.

Btw, since Lordi's number one spot in Eurovision, the interest in Finnish metal and heavy seems bigger than ever. I promised to compile a list on bands I like. Some glam rock and the like is included as well but still. This is not exactly bubblegum pop:

Children of Bodom
Hanoi Rocks
Sonata Arctica

69 eyes is a must see live, especially the drummer!


tokholmalainen said...

not to mention
my 2 absolute favourites !

Paeonia said...

Hmm, never heard of moonsorrow, have to check that band out. Thanks for the tip!