Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I'm in good company

About a year now, I've been actively involving my left hand (I'm originally right handed) in everyday tasks, such as writing and using the mouse. The reason to why I started this endevour was an ever increasing pain in my right hand wrist when writing, cooking and so forth. ALong the way, I realized that it is surprisingly easy to transmit the tasks of the right hand to the left one. And it's quite efficiant too being ambidextrous; when I'm scrolling up and down a web page with my left hand, my right one takes notes. The same scenario a couple of years ago would have had my left hand resting all along while my right one did all the working.

Anyhows, since I may be someday a full-fledged ambidextrous I decided to look up the phenomenon and I realized I'm in good company! Kurt Cobain, Leonardo da Vinci and Harry Truman among others were all ambidextrous. According to the wiki site, playing the piano has an impact on this interesting ability. Now there's a benefit of playing my piano I've never come across before!

Tip of the day: loads of short films available on the net to watch at the Sundance Film Festival's site.

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