Saturday, September 17, 2005


In many of the Swedish blogs I read, one theme of discussion lately has been blind men and the always attentive women. The question why men don’t see that the trash needs to be taken out, or that the laundry needs to be done while the female part of the household drudges on as a martyr without any help has been pondered.

I’m not sure whether I should be affended, as the above description of the Man suits me perfectly. I rarely see and thus attend to the layers of dust on the shelves; neither do I realize that the flowers need watering until all that’s left in the pot are beige straws (happened last night to my pot of chives… I’ll try some first aid after writing this.). To prevent this, I figured I’d have my pda calendar notify me for instance every Sunday night that the green lives in our household could do with some attention. I wonder if that would help.

The answer of one female blogger to why men don’t see things as well as women do, is that way back, men hunted and women nested. Our ways of thinking are fundamentally different, strictly biologically. This is pretty much saying that I, since I’m obviously blind when it comes to householding matters, am not a woman but rather a femalish man. That does not match my own view.

I guess these bloggers write in a provocative or light, entertaining manner, and the only thing proven here is that I absolutely lack a sense of humor. But still, wondering why men as a group don’t see things that need to be done in a household (and thereby why women as a group do see them) is a bit single-tracked.

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