Sunday, July 10, 2005

Vacation of music

What a great way to start off my first ever vacation with full salary: Iron Maiden's gig in Helsinki last Thursday, and finishing off with a 3 day rock festival in Åbo. About 22 000 people came to see Rammstein play last Friday, and it was well worth while, although their show was almost exactly the same as their concert in Helsinki last October. At the Maiden gig, Bruce Dickinson dedicated one song for the victims of the London bombing earlier that day and swaying lights where everywhere in the crowd.

Now back out in the heat (it's 27 degrees) and off to the concert, Hanoi Rocks, the Hives and Within Temptation are yet to come!


BEDLAM said...

cool site and interests.


Yenayer said...

27 degres !!!.. it must a very cool weather .. I spent 2 weeks near Copenhagen in august 2002. The weather was malvelous and i really enjoyed all my stay ... i miss all this !! I think it must be the same in Finland .. :)
A secret : I hardly miss any program on any subjet about the scandinavian countries ( i mean Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland ) on tv least i try not to miss .. :-)

Paeonia said...

bedlam, thanks for the kind words.

And Yenayer, good to hear from you again! How are you and what are you up to nowadays? Do you miss the blogging?

Yep, 27 degrees is the least it takes to keep my coldblooded body somewhat lukewarm. At the moment though, the weather's of no greater significance to my bodily fluids as I have a cold and therefore, my body's constant temperature is over 37.

Interesting that you like tv-shows about Scandinavia. Not the fact that you're interested but the fact that such programmes are made. I'd love to see some myself as I'm curious how we are portrayed. When Washington Post reported on Finland last spring ( I remember I didn't agree with everything said. For instance, the claim that traditionally, Finnish men and women go to the sauna in separate rooms is very strange to me. I'd say it's a family tradition where girls and boys, men and women all go together. But sure, nowadays men and women go at separate times.