Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The blog leads the way

Timo Tuovinen, an adviser at DOORStories Media Content Solutions, was talking at a seminar I attended today about how important it is to know where you’re going, if you want to manage out there in the big, big world. He referred to a Finnish driver who started doing business in Europe about 40 years ago. Back then, the driver didn’t know any other languages than Finnish. Well, in a recent magazine interview, the driver with 4 decades of experience of doing business abroad concludes that you get by fine out there as long as you know where you’re going.

Tuovinen posed the question about the functions of blogs: Blogs, do they tell stories about persons [who keep them and of others] or are the bloggers rather trying to get a grasp of a fragmented world?

In other words, one could ask if a blog is a means and tool in the quest of knowing where you’re going? I’d say definitely. It’s a great way to sort thoughts, and store threads of thoughts. Once written down and visible on the screen, I get a better perspective. Therefore, I’m easier off targeting where I’m going. And if this bodes well for the ability to manage and survive, then all the better! But not to forget, the first part of the twofold question is also correct, that blogs tell stories of persons, perhaps mostly of the one tapping the keyboard.

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