Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Getting back behind bars

I'm taking up my old summer job as a bartender tonight. I realise now that I've missed mixing flavours to the joy of others, and not just for me and some friends. I feel so inspired, actually, that I just might trade the summer beer for drinks this summer. A speciality tonight will be the Japanese Slipper, add a cherry on bottom and voilĂ , a treat for both eye and taste buds!

And what's the occasion you might ask. Well, just anything you could imagine. That summer's in the air, for instance, or that it's been 50 years and one day since the first public tv broadcast took place in Finland. A reason as good as any to raise a toast. Or that it's only one year until the 50th anniversary of more or less regular tv-broadcasting, both in Finland and in the UK (the first widely available tv broadcast took place in November 1936 from Alexandra Palace in the UK). Or that it is about 830 days left until the switch from analogue to digital tv-broadcasting in Finland. There are thousands of occasions worth attention.

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