Sunday, April 24, 2005

theme of the day

The subject of today has definitely been peonies. I woke up and turned on the telly and found myself watching this season's first programme of the gardening tv show Pioni (apparently, the show's been running since 2002 but I've never come across it. Perhaps because I rarely watch tv early Sunday mornings.). In the afternoon, I went to the trade fair that's hit town this weekend. Although the main attraction on the gardening side was orchids, the peonies did a good job in getting people's attention. And half an hour ago, part of the lifestyle tv show Strömsö dealt with a garden where peonies grow.

It is such an appropriate theme for a day like this, as it feels like spring's finally here. The sun's beaming down through the trees and the mercury decided to break through and stopped at 10 degrees. This time of year leaves me bubbling of energy and inspiration and I truly believe that there's nothing I couldn't do. It's a similar situation as when the first scents of your chocolate muffins baking in the oven hit your nostrils. You know that you're in for a good treat (=the summer) after some hard and dirty work (=the winter) and it's only a couple of more moments away (=it's only spring). And according to me, watching the muffins rise through the oven glass is more rewarding than the actual eating.

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