Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Passion for TV

I gave TV activists at Malax TV, a small, voluntary community TV-station from the small village I'm from, a tour around our TV-studio and iDTV Lab tonight. And I feel absolutely lyrical, almost high, as the group's enthusiasm and passion for tv-production was so obvious and "contagious". They genuinly seem to love what they do although it's a lot of unpaid work in their sparetime. They posed lots of questions and they brought up many thoughts so I've learned loads tonight.

I had a look at Malax TV's website and I found a great collection of links. Among many other interesting things, I found a database of Swedish newsreels and short films from way back. I've had a look at something similar in the UK but I didn't know about the Swedish one. I loved the commersials, especially the animated one about the bank dating back to the 1920's. Definitely worth a look!


Maggan said...

Hej Susanne,
vi från Malax TV tackar så mycket för rundturen.

Det var jätteintressant att se vad ni håller på med.

Å så blev vi ju lite avundsjuka på er som får jobba med proffsutrustning och i fina lokaler.

Paeonia said...

Hej Maggan,
kul att ni gillade rundturen. Jag har precis sett på senaste Malaxnytt på nätet. Suveränt att ni lägger upp det! Det är bra för en som är intresserad av vad som händer i malax men som ofta är någon annanstans om söndagskvällarna.